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 Collection > CPUs > Intel > Core 2

Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 PGA
Manufacturer Intel
Model Core 2
Architecture x86
Codename Penryn
Core frequency (IDA/HFM/LFM/SLFM) 2.8 GHz
Cores/Threads 2/2
Targeted market Laptop PCs
Package / Socket Mobile micro-FCPGA / Socket P (mPGA478MN)
Physical informations
Package Size 3,5x3,5 cm Manufacturing process 45 nm
Die size ??? Transistor count ???
Electrical informations
L1 cache (data) 2x32 KB L1 Cache (instruction) 2x32 KB
L2 cache 6 MB L3 cache -
IDA 1.00-1.30V SLFM 0.750-0.92V
HFM 1.00-1.25V Deeper Sleep 0.650-0.85V
LFM 0.85-1.25V Enhanced Deeper Sleep 0.600-0.85V
Deep Power Down 0.35-0.70 V TDP 35 W
Other informations
Release date January 7th 2008
Launch price $530 (OEM Price - for 1000 cpus)
Functions/Features Dual Core
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology (EIST)
Execute Disable Bit
Intel Dynamic Acceleration (IDA)
Intel Virtualization Technology
Sspec (stepping) Q4GG (B1), Q9WW (C0), QZOR, SLAQH (C0), SLAYX (C0)
Part Number FF80576GG0646M (OEM)
Collection's model
Serie Q9WW
Manufacturing date 39/2007
Manufacturing Country ???
Rarity *
Visual state Like new
Visual state details Markings : intact
Missing Pins : 0
Origin : never soldered
Surface state : no scratch
Stickers : 0
Functionnal state Not tested, should work
Comments 5739B134

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