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Intel Pentium 4B Mobile 3,06GHz SL726 01.jpg
Intel Pentium 4B Mobile 3,06GHz

Most popular CPUs

Intel Core 2 Duo E8800 (ES)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6200 (ES)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7700
Intel Core 2 Duo E7800
Intel Pentium II 266 (0,35µ)

Intel Core i7-3770
Intel Core i5-3470
Intel Core i5-2400
Intel Core i5-4570
Intel Core i7-2600

Most powerful CPUs
Desktop PCs
AMD : Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995X
Intel : Core i9-10980XE
Laptop PCs
AMD : Ryzen 9 4900H
Intel : Core i9-10980HK
AMD : EPYC 7763
Intel : Xeon Platinium 9282

Cpus are really fascinating for computers fans : it is central piece of every PC, and so, the most important.
However, this enthusiasm for cpus faslty disapear once they're a little old : last released cpus are admirated, but oldest are subjects of jeerings. Because, the symbol of power that cpus represents, grows old very bad.
And that's why, there are only a few people who collects cpus, unlike stamps, coins or even beer bottle caps...
Nevertheless, it is far from being without interest, because of large number of different models, because of their difference and because of their very fast evolution : the oldest cpus, Intel 4004 was released 50 years ago, and the first x86, the 8086 in 1978, but they have quite no common points with the latest Core i9 or Ryzen...

This site is trying, on the first hand, to enumerate all different existing models of x86 cpus (see Search menu), to make you discover their history, their characteriscs and their visual or electronical specificities (see History menu), and on the other hand to put online different collector's collection, with now 21502 different cpus.


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All (I think) NEC 8085 cpus have been entered in database and can be used for collections.

Category : Databases - 08/08/2010

Intel plans to release a new Dual-Core Pentium based on Clarksdale core, the Pentium G6951, probably for end of May 2010. The only difference from G6950 should be a higher GPU clock (733 instead of 533MHz ?)

Category : Cpus releases - 27/04/2010

Intel announced release of its Core i7-980X and its "Westmere" Xeons (3600 & 5600 series)

Category : Cpus releases - 16/03/2010

Intel announced release of its Core i7 930 and Atom N470

Category : Cpus releases - 01/03/2010

Adding of an article on IDT

Category : Website - 15/02/2010

Adding of an article about Mitsubishi Straker

Category : Website - 12/02/2010

Site is now translated in Russian language. Big thanks to DamnBeavis for his great work.

Category : Website - 18/01/2010

Intel announced release of its mobile Core i3 and i5 cpus as well the desktop Core i3 and Core i5 6xx series

Category : Cpus releases - 07/01/2010

All (I think) OKI 8085 cpus have been entered in database and can be used for collections.

Category : Databases - 17/11/2009

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