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ATI All-In-Wonder Pro 4-8Mo AGP (109-44600-20) 02 (avec extension 4Mo).jpg

ATI All In Wonder Pro 4MB (109-44600-00)
Manufacturer ATI
GPU type ATI Rage Pro
Family Rage
Codename Rage 3
Targeted market Desktop PCs
Segment Entry level
Core frequency 75 MHz
Interface AGP 2x
Chip configuration
Pixel pipelines 1 Unités de textures (TMUs) 1
Render Output Units (ROPs) 1
Memory type SGRAM (64bits) Memory size 4 MB
Speed 100 MHz Bandwidth 0.6 GB/s
Apis supported
DirectX 6.0 OpenGL 1.1
The board
Ports 1 VGA output
Release year 1997
Collection's model
Visual state Good state
Functionnal state Tested, working

Page created on 13/05/2024