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Processor of the day

Intel Celeron 460 (ES)

Most popular CPUs

Intel Core 2 Duo E8800 (ES)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6200 (ES)
Intel Core 2 Duo E7700
Intel Core 2 Duo E7800
Intel Pentium II 266 (0,35µ)

Intel Core i7-6700
Intel Core i7-3770
Intel Core i5-4590
Intel Core i5-3470
Intel Core i5-4570

Most powerful CPUs
Desktop PCs
AMD : Ryzen Threadripper 3990X
Intel : Core i9-10980XE
Laptop PCs
AMD : Ryzen 9 4900H
Intel : Core i9-10980HK
Intel : Xeon Platinium 9282

Cpus are really fascinating for computers fans : it is central piece of every PC, and so, the most important.
However, this enthusiasm for cpus faslty disapear once they're a little old : last released cpus are admirated, but oldest are subjects of jeerings. Because, the symbol of power that cpus represents, grows old very bad.
And that's why, there are only a few people who collects cpus, unlike stamps, coins or even beer bottle caps...
Nevertheless, it is far from being without interest, because of large number of different models, because of their difference and because of their very fast evolution : the oldest cpus, Intel 4004 was released 35 years ago, and the first x86, the 8086 in 1978, but they have quite no common points with the latest Pentium 4 or Athlon 64...

This site is trying, on the first hand, to enumerate all different existing models of x86 cpus (see Search menu), to make you discover their history, their characteriscs and their visual or electronical specificities (see History menu), and on the other hand to put my own collection online, with now 9521 different cpus.


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MCS-85 familly has been added in Peripherals & Support chips database. 116 models have been listed, which allow us to have now more than 9000 chips listed in the site database. This familly contains all the chips planned to work with 8085s, but not only, some of them can alos work with oldest 8080 or newest 8086, some even with 8048s MCUs.

Category : Databases - 07/06/2020

Buying Cheap Chinese Motherboards - Part II

The second chapter of the Chinese Motherboards buying guide is now online. This time, we will focus on the LGA2011 Plateform, for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs. It is older than the LGA2011-3, but still more than enough powerful and much cheaper. So clearly worth it as you'll see.

Category : Articles - 04/06/2020

New article - Buying Cheap Chinese Motherboards - Part I

A new article is put online today. It is about Cheap chinese motherboards that you can find on Aliepxress or on Ebay currently. As a cpu collector, I like to test my cpus and benchmark them. But to do so, I needed to build a complete, or almost, machine. Doing it one time is cool, but there are so many sockets and platforms that at the end, it would become really expensive. So I had to find some solutions to get this activity cheaper. I first began to find one cheap LGA1356, because you cannot find a used one for a good price currently. So as many server motherboards. And after having it, using it and benchmarking it, it appeared to me that it was a very valid solution. Not only for testing, but for everyday use. So, I wanted to share my experiences and my knowledge of this market, what are the best and most interesting models for every plateforms...etc. For the first chapter, we will start with the most powerful ones, the LGA2011-3 motherboards.

Category : Articles - 01/06/2020

Home page updated

Home page, and more precisely the News section, has been completely redesigned in order to be more readable and more modern. News are now all display in date order, whatever their category, with some pciturs to illustrate. It is also now possible to browse directly all the oldest news, with a little menu, while before, only 9 news for each categroy were displayed. Therefore, "Archives" sections of the "Miscellanous" menu, is now useless and has been deleted

Category : Website - 26/05/2020

New banner on the right

A new banner has been added on the right, with a photo a link to a "Processor of the day", chosen randomly, a top 5 of the most visited cpus on the site, a top 5 of the most sold cpus on EBay, and the list of the most powerfuls cpus from Intel & AMD, for each categories in Desktop, Mobile & Server. And for those who orders on the site, a shopping basket reminder will pop-up on the top of the right banner, with a button to pay directly on Paypal

Category : Website - 15/04/2020

New menu

The website menu has been improved to be more readable, by separating x86s from other architectures. Indeed, there was so much different manufacturers of different kind of chips, that the menu went too big for an normal display (I mean, full HD) and it was mandatory to divide it. Also, Peripherals & Support" chips database menu access has been added.

Category : Website - 14/07/2019

Peripherals and support chips database opening for users

Opening for collectors for support and peripherals chips, allowing them to add it in their collections. We start with MCS-4 & MCS-40 families. MCS-80, MCS-85 & MCS-86 families will follow soon. Informations displayed for each chips of the database are still in beta testing : they could be updated or increased in the future.

Category : Databases - 08/07/2019

Co-processors, memories and chipsets

Co-processors, memories and chipsets databases are officially only and available through the modified menu

Category : Databases - 11/08/2017

Sales Advanced Search

Advanced search in sales has been modified. It is now possible to make a search on many criterias.

Category : Website - 12/03/2011

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