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There is very few different models known of Mitsubish Straker. Actually, the only one really known is the 133MHz version, but there are some reasons to think that a 120MHz model also exists.
We could even think that for every Intel SmartDIE™, there is a corresponding Straker cpu.
In this case, there would be 6 different models (75, 90, 120, 133, MMX 150 & MMX 166 MHz).
But this is very unsure, there is almost no proof at all of that...

Anyway, there is only one kind of package known for this cpu, which could be called BGA-320.

Mitsubishi Straker Package
The unfamous Mitsubishi Straker, in BGA package.

Please note also, that the Straker's product partnumber (X8050266-133 on above photo), is actually the Intel's SmartDIE™ partnumber.

Last update : 02/09/2019