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Unlike Pentium II and Pentium III, there is no package diversity for the first generation Xeons.
All Xeons, whatever core they are based on, share the same package, the SECC-330 cartridge. Only the brand name engraved markings differs from Pentium II and Pentium III Xeons.

Intel Pentium II Xeon Packages
On left, a Pentium II Xeon 400 (1M), and on right, the same cpu but without cover.

The only changes we can find between different versions are located inside, on the electronic board.
Indeed, there are differencies regarding the cache chips : only one chip for 512KB L2 Xeons, two chips for 1MB...etc. Cache chips format can vary also, older ones are in PLGA package whereas newer one are in OLGA package .
And then the cpu format itself can vary, depending of the generation and whether it includes L2 cache in it or not.

Last update : 02/09/2019