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There is very few different Pentium Pro models, and only 3 kinds of package.
The CPGA-387 (with Goldcap) is most well known one, and almost all Pentium Pro you can find use this package : 133, 150, 180, 200 MHz with 256KB L2 cache, 166 and 200 Mhz with 512 KB L2 cache.
The 200 Mhz with 1MB L2 cache version has OPGA package, a quite new kind of package for this time.
And then, there is the overdrive, which has a quite particular shape, because it is a kind of OGPA package with attached fan and heastink.

CPGA and OPGA packages Pentium Pro.

Overdrive Pentium Pro

The Pentium Pro Overdrive have been the last Intel's overdrive. There is only one model, partnumber PODP66X333, which allow to upgrade to 300 or 333 MHz Pentium II, depending on system bus (60 or 66MHz).
On the PCB (between pins and heatsink), you can find a soldered BGA Pentium II chip, a 512KB L2 cache chip, and some voltage regulators, like all serious overdrive.

The Pentium Pro Overdrive.

Also, some Socket 8 to Slot 1 adapters (sometimes named Slotkets) have been released (not by Intel), allowing to use one or two Pentium Pros on Pentium II motherboards.

Last update : 02/09/2019