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Intel > Cpus > Itanium 2


Intel Itanium 2 9050
Manufacturer Intel
Model Itanium 2
Architecture IA-64
Codename Montecito
Core frequency 1600 MHz
Core count 2
Targeted market Desktop PCs
Package / Socket PAC611 / Socket G34
Physical informations
Package Size 11,3 x 4,2 cm Manufacturing process 0,09 Ám
Die size 596 mm▓ Transistor count 1720000000
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 2x266 MHz Core/Bus ratio 6.0x
Voltage 1.0875 - 1.25V TDP 104 W
L1 cache (data) 2x16 KB L1 Cache (instruction) 2x16 KB
L2 cache 2x256 KB L3 cache 2x12288 KB
Other informations
Release date July 18th 2006
Functions/Features Dual Core
Hyper Threading (HT)
Intel Virtualization Technology
Sspec QPAH, SL98T, SL9DF, SL9P7, SL9PG
Part Number BX805499050 (BOX), NE80549KE025015 (OEM), NE80549KE025LK (OEM)
Rarity ***
In collection ? yes, in 3 Collections : Chook, Xhoba, Molka.
Intel Itanium 2 QPAH 1.60 GHz/24MB/533 mhz Dual Core ES CPU RARE


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