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Intel > Cpus > Core i3, i5 & i7 > Sandy Bridge Architecture

Intel Core i5-3337U
Manufacturer Intel
Model Core i5
Architecture x86
Codename Ivy Bridge-H-2
Core frequency (Rated/Turbo Boost) 1800/2700 MHz
Core count 2
Targeted market Laptop PCs
Package FCBGA-1023
Physical informations
Package Size 3,1x2,4 cm Manufacturing process 0,022 Ám
Die size 118 mm▓ Transistor count 830000000
Electrical informations
Voltage ??? TDP 17 W
Bus frequency
Bus type DMI Width 64 bits
Base clock 100 MHz Core/Bus ratio 18x
DMI bus speed 5 GT/s
L1 cache (data) 2x32 KB L1 Cache (instruction) 2x32 KB
L2 cache 2x256 KB L3 cache 3 MB
Other informations
Release date January 20th 2013
Prix au lancement $225 (OEM Price - for 1000 cpus)
Functions/Features AES Encryption
Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
Dual Core
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology (EIST)
Execute Disable Bit
Hyper Threading (HT)
Intel Virtualization Technology
Turbo Boost 2.0
Ultra Low Voltage (ULV)
Integrated peripherals PCI-Express 2.0 Controller 16 lanes
Memory controller DDR3-1600 Dual Channel
Intel HD 4000 @ 350/1100MHz (Normal/Turbo) Graphic controller
Sspec (stepping) SR0XL (L1)
Part Number AV8063801129900 (OEM)
Rarity *
In collection ? no
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Intel Core i5-3337U SR0XL CPU Processor BGA 1023 with balls AV8063801129900


Intel Core i5-3337U SR0XL CPU Processor BGA 1023 with balls AV8063801129900


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