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IBM > CPUs > 486

IBM Blue Lightning 486DX2-66 - haut.jpg

IBM Blue Lightning 486DX2-66 PGA
Manufacturer IBM
Model 486
Architecture x86
Core frequency 66 MHz
Targeted market Desktop PCs
Package / Socket CPGA-168 / Socket 1, Socket 2, Socket 3
Physical informations
Package Size 4,45x4,45 cm Manufacturing process ???
Die size ??? Transistor count ???
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 33 MHz Width 32 bits
Core/Bus ratio 2.0x L1 cache 8 KB
Voltage ??? TDP ???
Other informations
Release date March 1994
Functions/Features None
Part Number IBM26 486-2V266GB (OEM), IBM26 486-2V366GB (OEM), IBM26 486-V266GA (OEM), IBM26 486-V366GA (OEM), IBM26 486-V366GB (OEM), IBM26 486-V466GA (OEM), IBM26 486-V666GA (OEM), IBM26 486DX2-66GP (OEM), IBM26 486DX2-V66GP (OEM), IBM26486DX2-3-6V66GP (OEM), IBM26BL 486DX2-3.45V66GP (OEM), IBM26BL 486DX2-3.6-66GP (OEM), IBM26BL 486DX2-3.6V66GP (OEM), IBM26BL 486DX2-66GP (OEM), IBM26BL 486DX2-V66GP (OEM)
Rarity **
In collection ? yes, in 11 Collections : Mixeur, Chook, Neon-WA, Xhoba, Kpt-future, Alan-sc, Molka, Lebaron, SzirtiMorc, Electronlibre, Cedrik.
IBM DX2/66 CPU (DX266,DX2-66) NEW unused 'PULL' (Also TI version available)


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