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Intel Pentium 4B 2,53GHz

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AMD > CPUs > Phenom

AMD Phenom X4.jpg

AMD Phenom X4 9650
Manufacturer AMD
Model Phenom
Architecture x86
Codename Agena
Core frequency 2300 MHz
Core count 4
Performance index 264
Package / Socket OPGA-940 / Socket AM2, Socket AM2+
Physical informations
Package Size 4,0x4,0 cm Manufacturing process 0,065 µm
Die size 285 mm² Transistor count 450000000
Electrical informations
Bus frequency 2x200 MHz Core/Bus ratio 11.5x
Voltage 1.1 - 1.15V TDP ???
L1 cache (data) 4x64 KB L1 Cache (instruction) 4x64 KB
L2 cache 4x512 KB L3 cache 2 MB
Other informations
Release date March 27th 2008
Functions/Features Cool'n'Quiet
Enhanced 3DNow!
Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP)
HyperTransport Technology
Quad Core
x86-64 instructions
Part Number HD9650WCGHBOX (BOX), HD9650WCJ4BGH (OEM)
Rarity *
In collection ? yes, in 1 Collection : GamingElliot.
Modified Xeon Bios for 771 intel X5460,X5450 to 775 Core 2 Quad Q9650,Q9550,Q950


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Q8400 Q9400 Q9500 Q9550 Q9650 LGA 775 Socket T CPU


Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Q8400 Q9400 Q9500 Q9550 Q9650 LGA 775 Socket T CPU


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